Thursday, July 2, 2009

Roadkill stories

I was going to put a picture of real roadkilled animal, but thought that might be too gross and the blog would smell bad. So I just put up this warning sign instead.
It's not a local (to me) sign, there are no camels crossing streets in North Beach, Maryland. The days when I might have thought I saw a camel crossing the street are long gone.
So the question, that's what I should write now.
The questions is: why, when everyone who knows me even slightly, knows I love animals, why do these same people feel the need to tell me about the dog they saw get hit by a car this morning? or the turtle, especially near & dear to my heart? or the squirrel?
Second question, does this happen to you?
Third question, how do you handle it?
Happy days,


  1. Joanie, Joanie, Joanie.......sigh. Are you right or left handed? Well, next time someone and it's usually the same people, starts to tell you a story like this I want you to put your hand up, palm out, right in front of their face and tell them STOP!
    If they try to continue, say STOP louder.
    Do not explain yourself.
    Walk away from the person.
    Take it from Grammybea you don't have to listen, you don't have to explain why you don't want to listen, you can be rude (although, I think they are being rude to even think that you would like to hear that story) and once you do this, I'm betting that they won't do it again.
    They will huff and puff but that's their problem, not yours.
    I am old now. I do not have to hear, see or watch things that upset me. If my loved ones and friends don't get it, to bad.
    There are just some things I do NOT need in my brain bank. ((((Big hugs for your gentle nature)))) :)Bea

  2. I have boys who just live for guts and gore, so they manage to draw my attention to every bit of roadkill. And they ask to driveby it again on the way back!! I have learned to be steely, because they are boys, and they just won't stop and think about how my brain is different to theirs.

  3. Oh, my. Yes they do. I could fill you in on the gory details, but that would be a case in point. It also kind of makes me wonder when God lets me witness things like that. I just have to look up and say "You know, I really could have done without seeing that."

  4. Hi Joanie,
    Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog. I live in Australia and recognise the road kill sign you have posted. It would be somewhere in the centre where we have wild camels, emus and kangaroos competing with long-haul huge trucks.