Friday, May 14, 2010

F*** you, you piece of S#@t!!!

Yeah, that was me before I taught myself to drive one car at a time. I had the loudest, most used horn, and my middle finger was on alert as soon as I started the car (even before I left the driveway, you never know). One of my favorite driving skills was to slam on the brakes if someone was tailgating, wow, that was fun. What else, let's see, dirty looks were the least of my repertoire, and screaming ugly words was an art for me.
One day I had an Oprah light bulb moment: nobody really did anything differently. I had no control over other drivers. I was all in a rage & my blood pressure was up, and okay, maybe I got a few reactions, but mostly other people still drove like morons (never me, I am a good driver!).
So I changed, became a mellow zen-like driver. Cut me off, no problem. Drive 20 mile under the speed limit, yeah, I'll tag along or pass when it's safe. Ride on my bumper, here, let me pull over so you can pass me.
Strange but true.
I sometimes, just for the memories, toot my horn, and once or twice I've raised my middle finger in a friendly salute. Generally, me & my beetle just toodle along nice as can be.
What about you? What kind of a driver would you say/write that you are?
Happy days.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Next question:

What is sadder than a blog without comments?
Not much.
I'll have to come up with a question that you can't refuse.
I'm thinking.......