Thursday, May 6, 2010

Next question:

What is sadder than a blog without comments?
Not much.
I'll have to come up with a question that you can't refuse.
I'm thinking.......


  1. Of course if one doesn't blog or visit blogs and comment, one gets many less comments.

    Join us...

  2. Getting comments is hard work, true. To a hig degree -- let me say something awfully simple --, it has to do with catching up with the minds of others. I find it hard to find out what other people like and to respond to it without thoughtless flattering. They are looking for contents, after all. Superficial vision is cruel today. We don't care much about the value of a person, but we look out for what people have to offer. Okay, I started scattering bread for the birds. They started coming back. It made me work harder in order to get more bread for them. I started a development as an artist, whereas my past work was more casual and without rhyme and reason. I valued the comments most that came from artists whose work I admire; seems simple, but flattering is a sweet poison, and I prefer a critical word from someone who has achieved something.
    This was a little story from someone who knows what an uncommented blog feels like. I tried this in Germany, my so called home country, and after one year I had 3 followers.
    I wish you good luck with your blog!

  3. ouch, Jazz! i do comment on blogs and sometimes i blog. wow, what'd you do, look for a blog to pick on? ahh, just kidding. i haven't put much into this blog so I get the effort thing.
    Eva, thanks for the input. i think you & Jazz are saying the same thing.
    p.s. i wasn't really whining with this posting, i just wanted to post something. i will try to join in more. Thanks! happy days!

  4. Yeah Joanie, I search the interwebs for people to pick on. LOL.... ;-)

    Seriously though, I have you on my reader so when you post it just pops up. My reader is full of people who interst me - and when you posted more you interested me enough to be "readered".

    In blogging terms, I'm pretty much D-list, I don't get that many comments; between 10-12 per post. But the people I do get are people whose comments (and blogs) I value, people I've built a relationship with because I like their blogs and return often, as do they. It's that simple, like Eva said, you find the people whose blogs talk to you on a personal level. It's sorta like dating for me. You sample a lot before finding those few who fit. And you eventually get a conversation going - it took me a few months of blogging 3 times a week at least to actually get to the point where I had more than one or two comments, so it's an investment time and effort wise.

    But mostly, really, beyond any comments, I do it because I love it. Otherwise, what's the point.

    Damn, could I have gone on any longer?