Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I have read that some people think that life is but a dream. My life consists of what I dream. My world consists of what I dream. Which would mean that I'm dreaming you are reading this. Or maybe not because very few people read this blog. (Maybe I should have a giveaway or better dreams? maybe it doesn't matter, because I still am dreaming I'm writing this). Oh well. So if this "dream = life" theory were true, that what I dream is real and that really no one else exists, and I dream all events that happen to or concern me, would I ever dream anything bad? Would I dream I am sitting at work writing this or would I dream I am sitting by the ocean writing this? What if I am sitting by the ocean writing this and having a bad dream that I'm at work? Yikes. This could get very complicated.
This is the kind of thing I think about when I don't want to think about real life. Whatever that is.
What do you think (wait a minute while I dream your response)?


  1. If what I dream is my life, I have a pretty bizarre life.

  2. I love your teapot blog! I experience de ja vu a lot...(which confirms Mr.Mimi's "witch" slurs!) :) So I often think about the whole "have we been here before?" thing...

    On dreams, I vivdly recall 3 specific dreams I had as a wee kiddywink, even how they made me feel...shame I can't remember what I did yesterday though!
    Big loves and thank you for your wonderous self and blog Joanie! x:)

  3. I like your blog, (recently discovered). I am a horrible commentor though & rarey find I have much to add except nice, good, etc. All those banalities. The second to last post I did on my blog is about dreaming which I did after I saw the movie "Inception". My blog does not get very many comments either. (What goes round...)
    I love this Roy Orbison song. It was the theme song of my adolescence! If it's all a dream within a dream, then somewhere I'm having a blissful sleep. (Don't wake me up!)