Monday, April 6, 2009

here a blog, there a blog, everywhere a blog, blog

Hmm, an easy question today, it is Monday after all.
Say a guy is holding a gun to your head, and he says: "tell me your very favorite blog, and if you tell me more than one, I'll pull the trigger."
I don't have a gun, yet, and wouldn't hold it to your head if I did, but will ask nicely: please tell me your one & only favorite blog.
Maybe it was too scary with the fella with the gun stuff. Although brave Leanne did respond! Thank you much.
So let's say you just want to share a blog that is your favorite, and maybe there's a second blog you love a lot.
Any easier to answer now?
Maybe I should give this a try.
BTW, you do not have to pick a Joanie Hoffman blog, because I know both my blogs are loved, right?


  1. Well Joanie! I would have to say Teesha Moore's blog at the moment:
    She is so lovely and her journal work is fantastic and she is so humble about it all! She inspires my journal pages!


  2. See the list of blogs called "Heart & Soul" to the right of this column? Those are my favorite blogs now. This is cheating, I know, but it's my blog. Okay, you can cheat too. : )

  3. Thanks for the links on the side - these blogs were all new to me and they were great to visit!

  4. hmm, well mine obviously...JOKE! x;0)

    One of my faves (and lets face it we've all got millions to choose from) but gun to head or no, I will say Robyn's Art Propelled here:
    An absolute inspiration in every respect...and totems!

    (waving to MMM up there too)

    Happy Easter days missus!