Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Me and my Dad, and a question, of course.

This is me and my Dad, Bill, a long, long time ago.
And this picture is a lead in to my next H.I.T. question below.

What is the story of the phrase "who's your daddy?" Where did it come from? What does it mean? Check Google, or Wiki, or the Urban Dictionary , if you want to, but I'd really like to see what your own thoughts are.
Please. and Thank you.


  1. hmmmm, thought it referred back to the expression Sugar Daddy. So, Who's your Daddy meaning, who's taking care of you.
    But, then I'm out of the loop, as my grandchildren say. The bought me The Wire to bring me up to date. Then they got tired of hearing me say, true that! lolol :)Bea

  2. Thanks, Bea.
    Actually, I am lol.