Monday, June 28, 2010

Picture this....

There's a blog you follow or just find yourself checking out from time to time, okay? Do you ever wonder what that blogger looks like?
I am usually caught up in the art or the words and maybe, maybe sometimes, have an impression of the blogger, but don't actually stop to wonder if the person is a certain age, or has a Mohawk, or always dresses in pink, I just don't. It doesn't really matter to me, so why wonder?
Jazz will probably know why this is on my mind. She posted some lovely photos from her vacation, and included a couple of her & Mr. Jazz. I hope I wasn't rude, but I left a comment that she looked normal. I didn't mean that in a rude way, and didn't have a picture in my mind of what she might look like (I can't imagine why that would matter, and it didn't to me). I think I was thinking edgy, tough but pretty, maybe a cigarette hanging out of the side of her mouth (just kidding). I have no idea why I expected anything at all.
So, the question is: do you "picture" bloggers that haven't/don't post photos of themselves?


  1. LOL it didn't come across as rude at all. And for the record, I wonder what people look like all the time. And I'm thrilled when I get to put a face on the blog.

  2. I love your quetions Joanie!...It's like seeing a film after you've read the book, but like Jazz I do get a litle buzz when I put a face to a blog/email etc

    (for the record I'm 6ft, have long blonde hair crystal blue eyes and amazing figure...LOL!) X;0)

  3. I definitely picture bloogers in my mind when I read their blogs! I can't help it, it just happens. And sometimes I get a surprise when I actually see a photo of them, not ever in a bad way, just that they are not what I expected! Photos of people vary as well... I have seen photos of people on their blog or profile and thought "is that the same person? they look different to their last photo?!" Different arty effects make then appear differently!

    I tend not use plain, untreated, in your face, "this is me" photos on my blog or for profile photos because I like the idea that people picture you the way that they want to. That they picture you the way they think you look from what you have said or the art that you make. But in saying that I don't mind my fellow supportive artist friends knowing what I really look like either! Leanne.